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I'm closing onlysugarcoated for good. I might be back in the future but not here.
This journal will stay accessable so you can snag icons whenever you want.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends for sticking with me until this day. Thanks for your comments.
Thanks for the encouragement when I had my dry spells. You guys kept me going.

I hope I'll see all of you again when I decide to start fresh.

kristen stewart >> green eyes

72 icons

01-06 Welcome To The Rileys
07-11 Kristen Stewart
12-26 Robert Pattinson
27-30 Water For Elephants
31-37 Reese Witherspoon
38-43 Lily Aldridge
44-51 Jessie Baylin
52-60 Kings of Leon
61-65 Mumford & Sons
66-68 The Vampire Diaries
69-72 Stock

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Kings of Leon || Caleb Followill

113 icons

001-011 30 Seconds To Mars
012-054 Kings of Leon
055-057 Jessie Baylin
058-077 Kristen Stewart
078-080 Twilight
081-098 Robert Pattinson
099-101 Ashley Greene
102-107 Robert Francis
108-113 Friends


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kristen stewart >> green eyes

155 icons

001-042 Robert Pattinson
043-049 Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
050-076 Kristen Stewart
077-088 Eclipse
089-091 Ashley Greene
092-095 Kings of Leon
096-105 Mumford & Sons
106-120 Supernatural
121-125 Adam Lambert
126-155 Funny TShirt Quotes

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